Basketball Wives LA Gloria Govan isn’t a Good Girl, She is a Felon


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Govan has been portrayed on the Basketball Wives and the Basketball Wives: LA as the “good girl”, the innocent one and basically the anti-Draya/Tami of the bunch.

But as Allen Iverson once said…..

“Everyone has a little dirt under their fingernails”

And slowly but surely the facade of Gloria is starting to fall apart (Groupie Says Gloria Govan Slept With The Game, Caused Breakup With Matt Barnes) and now we have a little more information about Gloria dirty fingernails.

In 2007, Govan was caught up in a “Cash for Grades” scandal at Diablo Valley College. If you aren’t familiar with how a “Cash for Grades” operation works, let me explain. In essence, hackers change grades in the computer system and students pay them for their services.

Here are more details of the case involving Govan:

Contra Costa County prosecutors have charged 34 current and former Diablo Valley College students with felony fraud and conspiracy in a cash-for-grades scheme that could imprison some for years.

Police were arresting suspects across California, and a number were in custody at County Jail in Martinez. Julian Revilleza, who investigators said was a ringleader, was charged with 23 felonies and could be sentenced to nearly 70 years in prison if convicted.

DVC investigators found unauthorized grade changes dating to 2000, with hundreds of dollars paid for each alteration. None of the charges referred to the changes made before 2001.

The long-running plot, revealed by the Times in January, was fostered by the college’s wide-open grade-management system. Nearly 90 people, including student employees, were authorized to change grades at DVC and the district’s other two colleges, Contra Costa and Los Medanos.

Brian Sanchez, Sumair Arif and Gloria Mendoza Govan arrived for arraignment but did not have an attorney. Judge Bessie P. Dreibelbis referred the three to the Public Defender’s Office and set a court date of Oct. 4. Nixon faces three counts of felony fraud and conspiracy.

The majority of the defendants, however, face significantly lower sentences. “Most who have one count,” Katague said, “face three years in state prison.”


Gloria Mendoza Govan, 21, Orinda

Gloria plead to a lesser charge and received no jail time, to our understanding. Similar ironically to Draya who copped a plea for her Child Endangerment charges.

In the grand scheme of things not a big deal, we all have fractured an occasional law or two (Axel Foley reference) but…..

Gloria has portrayed an “I’m better than you” attitude throughout the show, she might want to be a little more careful with that “uppity” attitude.

Because when you talking tough from the top floor of your “glass house” it only takes one stone to have the whole thing crashing down.

She just lucky Jack Bauer wasn’t investigating the case because she might not have her ear now (24 reference).

Enjoy the reunion show.

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  • Very femaleish post. Really who cares about these chicks?

  • Dude, stop watching that show! Leave that to someone else.

  • First of all, anyone who appears on that show is not a “good girl” because good girls don’t appear on hoeish tv shows.

    Secondly, these shows only contain actors playing a part. But you knew that.

  • Yet all you bitch-ass dudes just read it…. stop it.

  • Basketball wives of LA is just another show with drama to see and half of them chicks isn’t even married so why is it called basketball (wives ) again? Another thing, the show is all an act and doesn’t show or tell anything about what its like to be a basketball wife. So I’m just gone continue watching (Real Bitch TV) that’s about bitches being Real and getting money. Basketball WiveVSLove&HipHop, Go! Love &HipHop. LOL!

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