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Blame Joe Paterno for a Decision, But Remember Jerry Sandusky is the Monster

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2011
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I don’t blame you.

I really don’t.

You are just doing what you are told.  That is the way the media works.  Doesn’t matter if it is sports media or news media it all works the same.  They influence your opinion, because most people are followers.

I don’t blame the media.

I really don’t.

They have to report the biggest story with the biggest name for best ratings.  That is the business and I understand in the end it is a business.

What I want you to do is turn off the TV, shut down the laptop and put your phone silent and…………………


Before we get to Joe Paterno let’s get one thing out of the way.  No one and I repeat no one is as more responsible for the sick and disgusting acts than Jerry Sandusky.

What he has done to these children over a period of almost three decades makes me sick to my stomach.  If everything is true he needs to be put to death.

NO ONE should even be put in the same breath as him and if you do your priorities are in the wrong the place.  The monster is Jerry Sandusky, the majority of your anger should be toward Jerry Sandusky and it is people like Jerry Sandusky that we all have to make sure are not allowed to be around our children.

Like most criminal activities there were others that were involved that could have done more to stop it.  Joe Paterno is in the that group.

The number of people in that group is high.

They are all accountable.

They all could have done more to stop this monster.

A couple did criminal things to cover it up, while others made morally bad decisions.

But just remember it doesn’t matter if it was the Janitor or Joe Paterno they all played a role in Sandusky continuing to be a monster.  On the scale of blame Joe Paterno would be toward the bottom.

He didn’t witness any crime and he didn’t do anything outside of procedure.

Joe Paterno’s mistake was passing the ball when as the face of Penn State University he should have taken immediate action.  When the President and AD didn’t do anything Paterno should have stood up and forced them to take action.

For that Paterno deserved to fired and he deserves all the criticisms he is receiving.  But in this scandal Paterno is just one piece of a big puzzle.

So why is everybody just talking about Paterno?

The answer of course is because he is Joe Paterno, but as you are condemning him make sure you read the Grand Jury indictment of Jerry Sandusky, then look in the mirror and ask yourself should 90% of the coverage be about Joe Paterno and Penn State football?

Realistically I know the coverage isn’t going to change, but I didn’t get into journalism to just go with the flow, but to give people the take the majority won’t.

I am not trying to tell you not to be upset and disgusted by the actions of Joe Paterno, what I am asking you to do is make sure your venom is spread evenly because there is plenty to go around before you get to the name Joe Paterno.

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