Blame Joe Paterno for a Decision, But Remember Jerry Sandusky is the Monster

I don’t blame you.

I really don’t.

You are just doing what you are told.  That is the way the media works.  Doesn’t matter if it is sports media or news media it all works the same.  They influence your opinion, because most people are followers.

I don’t blame the media.

I really don’t.

They have to report the biggest story with the biggest name for best ratings.  That is the business and I understand in the end it is a business.

What I want you to do is turn off the TV, shut down the laptop and put your phone silent and…………………


Before we get to Joe Paterno let’s get one thing out of the way.  No one and I repeat no one is as more responsible for the sick and disgusting acts than Jerry Sandusky.

What he has done to these children over a period of almost three decades makes me sick to my stomach.  If everything is true he needs to be put to death.

NO ONE should even be put in the same breath as him and if you do your priorities are in the wrong the place.  The monster is Jerry Sandusky, the majority of your anger should be toward Jerry Sandusky and it is people like Jerry Sandusky that we all have to make sure are not allowed to be around our children.

Like most criminal activities there were others that were involved that could have done more to stop it.  Joe Paterno is in the that group.

The number of people in that group is high.

They are all accountable.

They all could have done more to stop this monster.

A couple did criminal things to cover it up, while others made morally bad decisions.

But just remember it doesn’t matter if it was the Janitor or Joe Paterno they all played a role in Sandusky continuing to be a monster.  On the scale of blame Joe Paterno would be toward the bottom.

He didn’t witness any crime and he didn’t do anything outside of procedure.

Joe Paterno’s mistake was passing the ball when as the face of Penn State University he should have taken immediate action.  When the President and AD didn’t do anything Paterno should have stood up and forced them to take action.

For that Paterno deserved to fired and he deserves all the criticisms he is receiving.  But in this scandal Paterno is just one piece of a big puzzle.

So why is everybody just talking about Paterno?

The answer of course is because he is Joe Paterno, but as you are condemning him make sure you read the Grand Jury indictment of Jerry Sandusky, then look in the mirror and ask yourself should 90% of the coverage be about Joe Paterno and Penn State football?

Realistically I know the coverage isn’t going to change, but I didn’t get into journalism to just go with the flow, but to give people the take the majority won’t.

I am not trying to tell you not to be upset and disgusted by the actions of Joe Paterno, what I am asking you to do is make sure your venom is spread evenly because there is plenty to go around before you get to the name Joe Paterno.

12 thoughts on “Blame Joe Paterno for a Decision, But Remember Jerry Sandusky is the Monster

  • If there’s one thing I feel strongly about it is sexual crimes against children. If I were running things convicted child molesters/rapists would never be let out of jail. To me there isn’t enough rehab in the world to correct something that twisted and sick.

    As a future physician I will be required to report even the hint of child abuse/molestation. If I don’t then I will be fired at the very least and end up in jail. Why is that? I didn’t engage in the sick act. It’s because I will have a legal obligation to do so. If you ask me it’s kind of silly/sad that it has to be made mandatory in the first place. Why shouldn’t every member of society be held to the same standards?

    Sandusky has already been indicted. There’s nothing else to say except to reiterate how disgusting and unacceptable his behavior is. I think the outrage is over the people who didn’t do anything to help innocent children. If you’re given any indication that inappropriate conduct between an adult and child is taking place it shouldn’t even be a question as to whether or not to get the police involved. I’d rather have 1,000 false claims investigated than to miss one true claim. When it comes to children it shouldn’t even be a question. Children carry a higher “moral currency” so when something like this happens ppl are going to be even more outraged, especially by people who did, at the most, the bare minimum. It’s a gross violation of human decency and people are extremely disgusted by how far humans can go to cover for themselves and one another. Somehow in this case it comes dangerously close to being almost as bad as the crime itself.

    My thing is if Sandusky is convicted for the sexual assault of the child in question then everyone who was notified and did nothing should go to jail as well.

  • Ok Paterno had some responsibility but there was a article in the New York times that when Sandusky was caught with the 10 yr old.the The kid who caught him told Paterno,he told the school,the school contacted the campus police,they contacted the real police ,who turned the evidence over to the district attorney.The district attorney sent it to the grand jury.the lil boy described in graphic detail what happened the young man wittnessed it testified.the grand jury chose to no bill it.the district attorney just told him not to shower with anymore boys.this was in 1998 so exactly who dropped the ball.Paterno and the young man who witnessed it did what they were suppose to do,could Paterno have done more i dont know but the case did go to the DA in 1998 he chose not pursue it any further.SO WHOSE THE REAL BLAME.

    • OH my goodness thank Mrkkray finally a voice of reason! i am not a penn state fan so i am not just defending Joe because he is this “icon”! the man is verbally assaulted on one side saying he’s not god, take him down and the other side saying he is god and should have done more, WHAT? taking to the cops/DA is as far as he could go and the judgmental assault is disturbing. The firing of Joe took all the focus off of sandusky and the university and put the weight of the whole damn world on the shoulders of the victims here who found the courage to stand up for themselves and now?? i somehow doubt any of the victims wanted all of this mud slinging against ONE man to be the outcome. seriously i just don’t get jumping on the hate train of joe paterno! the harm is already done and i wish instead of all this everyone would have taken a breathe and allowed these victims to tell the horrific story they need to and stop sandusky from ever doing this to another child black or white! these boys had enough horrific, i can’t even find the words, actions done to them and now all of our verbal attacks just made it that much harder for them. with that said i absolutely agree whoever covered this up should also be held accountable, i just don’t see why Joe was expected to do anything more after the DA did not file charges.

      • Nicole I’m not a Penn State fan either but right is right theres just to many questions.Like after the DA decided not to prosecute why didn’t the boys family pursue it further.There is no amount of money you can give if you’ve done that to my child.Just to many unanswered questions to put it all on Joe Paterno and your right with all attention they are putting on him the real monster is getting lil attention.

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