Shaq Says Rondo is Better Than Chris Paul

I posed the question on Twitter did anyone think Rondo was better than CP3.  The reason I did that was when CP3 was hurt a lot of people (fans and media) were proclaiming Rondo the best point guard in the league.

Now most see that as ludicrous.  I say most, because Shaq still believes Rondo is superior.

Everyone is tradeable, you could probably get a lot for Rajon Rondo but he is the heart and soul of the team,” retired star Shaquille O’Neal told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich. “I don’t think that would be a good idea. If I was the general manager, I wouldn’t do it.”

“Chris Paul is not better than Rajon Rondo… Rajon Rondo is the true definition of a point guard, period,” said O’Neal. “He gets everybody involved and he scores when he has to. Chris Paul scores a lot of points, but when was the last time they made it to the playoffs? Thank you very much.”

A lot of people will dismiss it because Shaq said it, but he isn’t the only one who has mentioned this.  Of course Shaq doesn’t help his point by saying when was the last time Paul was in the playoffs, somehow forgetting Paul almost single handily beat the Lakers by himself last year.

In the end it is much to do about nothing because Paul isn’t going to the Celtics, but the Celtics are still thinking about moving Rondo even if Chuck thinks it would be a mistake.

7 thoughts on “Shaq Says Rondo is Better Than Chris Paul

  • shaq is a moron. when was the last time chris paul made the playoffs? hahaha…is this the kind of shit i’m going to have to listen to on tnt? dude made the playoffs LAST FUCKING YEAR!!! how do you not know that? let me ask shaq something…when was the last time chris paul played with 3 hall of famers, like rondo?

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