Chauncey Billups Willing to Sacrifice $14M for Fair Deal

Despite being on presumably his last significant NBA contract, New York Knicks guard Chauncey Billups says he’s willing to sacrifice all of his $14M 2011-12 salary in exchange for a fair deal.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chauncey went on Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN radio show Wednesday to talk about potentially sitting out the season if the Player’s Union and NBA can’t reach an agreement.

“For the betterment of the league going forward that’s just something that I’m going to have to sacrifice and that’s the position I’m going to have to take,” Billups said.

“I’m willing to fight with the union,” Billups, 35, said. “Do I want to lose $14 million or whatever it might be? I don’t want to lose a dime. My career is almost over. I want all of that. But at the same time, I was in that other lockout (in 1998-99) and I know what those older guys were willing to do for me. … I’m in that position now and that’s where I stand.”

Billups is in a fascinating position. He has a seven-figure carrot on a string that keeps getting pulled from him after every contentious labor negotiation, yet he has a OG reputation as one of the more respected vets around the Association.

Reports are saying that the NBAPA’s executive committee are meeting today to discuss the union strategy going forward and address any potential split between union president Derek Fisher and executive director Billy Hunter.

With so many people across the peanut gallery calling for the union to take the league’s latest 50/50 offer and November scheduled games already slashed, there’s still an (unlikely) chance Chauncey will see some of that $14M and change in 2011-2012.

2 thoughts on “Chauncey Billups Willing to Sacrifice $14M for Fair Deal

  • If the players end up accepting the 50-50 deal then they look stupid for holding out for nothing….

  • They say that D-Fisher has conceded on Luxury Tax PENALTY, Lowering the VETERAN Mid-Level Exemption, Shorter MAX Contract as far as Years, Altering the Larry Bird exception to KEEP Drafted players with Their team THUS Killing the Free-Agent movement SIGNIFICANTLY and Some other Key Issues that the NBA OWNERS wanted So Desperately…

    He has PRACTICALLY given the NBA Owners EVERYTHING THEY DEMANDED (That’s Just INSANE !!!)

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