DeSean Jackson is Broke? Is that the Reason He Missed Team Meeting?

When DeSean Jackson allegedly overslept and missed a special teams meeting that caused him to be deactivated I knew it wasn’t as simple as that.

Before we can forward, we have to go back to the NFL Lockout.

That is when I first heard that Jackson was having financial difficulties.  I tend to stay away from speaking on athlete’s money issues unless it becomes public knowledge (see T.O. child support cases/reality show) or it has some effecting what is happening on the field.

In Jackson’s case the problem is that he is living a lifestyle of someone who has a Larry Fitzgerald style contract, but in reality has a 5th string wide receiver contract.  He is also trying to support an entourage that would make the Money Team look like a badminton squad in comparison.

It is a situation where Jackson assumed he would be getting a big money extension and has been spending money like he already had that money in hand.

But since he didn’t get the extension I am hearing he is virtually broke living off his name and loans from agent Drew Rosenhaus the latter was also spoken about on Pro Football Talk.

Depending on who you believe either DeSean missed the meeting because he was out making it rain or he was trying to make a point about is contract either way it had nothing to do with an alarm clock and it wasn’t an innocent mistake.

It is quite possible that at some point Jackson gets his extension, but his play on the field and his actions off the field is putting up enough red flags that he is putting his big money payday in jeopardy.

In the interim it would be advisable that he takes a long look in the mirror and address his maturity issues.  It isn’t for any of us to tell someone what to do with their money, but don’t let your desire to be “flashy” kill your opportunities for financial security long term.


6 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson is Broke? Is that the Reason He Missed Team Meeting?

  • OK. Let’s see how this works……

    You are broke and you have two options.

    1) Show up to team meeting and play game. Even if you have a poor game you still get PAID and reputation points remain intact.

    2) Do dumb sh*t like miss the meeting, get deactivated for game (suspended),not get PAID, possibly get FINED,and decrease earning value.

    OK I got. What are the interests rates on these Jew Rosenhousen loans?

  • jackson was tweeting pictures of him spending $25 k in the club. No wonder he is broke. If you are making 500k minus lawyer and agent fees, that is upper middle class.

  • Professional Athletes SPENDING THEIR Money and ENJOYING Themselves isn’t a Problem with Me WHATSOEVER…

    But when they are CARRYING Entourages and Trifling Worthless FAMILY Members with THEIR MONEY then I have SERIOUS PROBLEMS with THAT… PURE IGNORANCE is an Unchecked DISEASE (WORD !!!)

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