Draya: “I Haven’t Been With 3 Basketball Players in Same Month, Let Alone Same Day”

I know what she was trying to say, but it was just hilarious to hear.

I think people need to understand that men and women aren’t Saints or Tim Tebow. What you see on shows like Basketball Wives happened daily with no cameras around.

Women are sleeping with multiple men and men are sleeping with multiple women. It is easy to judge from the couch when no one is trolling around in your personal bed chambers.

That is the gift and the curse of being on television. If I had to venture a guess I would say Draya doesn’t mind dealing with the slander for the fame.

One thing to be called a ho and not getting anything out of it and a totally other thing to have your “HoActions” (all royalties go to @zeralyn for that term) put dollars in your pocket.

I give Draya credit for being like Floyd Mayweather and adjusting on the fly, she started off trying to be the villain, but quickly realized the sympathetic pretty girl would get public opinion on her side.

Trust me, being attractive will always get people to look the other way regardless of your past history and as long as she bats those pretty eyes it won’t matter how many basketball players she has been with in a month, week or day, people will say……….

“awwww leave Draya alone she is so cute”

People are easily manipulated, most people are sheep.

Brilliant on her part, mental manipulation is the best way to get people on your side. Look how she easily handles Wendy Williams in this video by simply staying cool and not being baited in when asked if she slept with Gilbert Arenas and two teammates in the same day.

Sometimes you have to be a beast like Pacquiao (Tami Roman) and sometimes you have to think your way through it like Mayweather (Draya). The only thing in the end that matter is getting the “W” and you could say even with naked pics, child endangerment charges and groupie like tendencies, Draya is winning.

Can’t knock the hustle.

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  • I will dutifully translate Draya…

    He’s only a basketball player if he’s on the court playing.

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