Dwyane Wade Implies The Heat Lost NBA Finals Because of the Haters

I have a better explanation of why the Heat lost, but before I get to that here is what D Wade had to say.

In an interview with Mike Krzyzewski on the Duke coach’s show on SiriusXM Radio, Wade says “we wanted to win to spite people” last season, the first where he had LeBron James and Chris Bosh as teammates.

Wade continued, “I believe that’s the reason we didn’t win a championship.”

Wade on more than one occasion whined about how everyone hated the Heat, but here is a news flash for Wade.  The Heat didn’t lose because of the haters they lost because when the pressure was one the Mavericks players stepped up and Wade and Lebron folded.

It is very simple.

Stop making excuses, the better team won and that team was the Dallas Mavericks.  It wasn’t fluke the Mavs played Game 6 on the Heat’s home court beat them down and drank their Ace of Spades in their club.

Just own it Wade.

7 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Implies The Heat Lost NBA Finals Because of the Haters

  • I think he’s saying that they (the Heat) were so focused on being hated and they should have been focused on playing the game.

    • LB im glad you broke it down like that. Cause I was wondering how the so called haters could have an affect on his jump shot

  • i have 2 disagree with u a little….it wuz lebron who folded not wade. WADE was clearly the finals mvp an he shld hav gotten his 2nd ring. they went away frm him n game 2 where they had the 15 point lead wit 5 min left n the 4th quarter because lebron tried 2 b the “man” even though it wuz clearly all WAAAAADE. if lebron steps up wade gets his 2nd ring and 2nd finals mvp. bt i do agree dwyane wade needs 2 move on.

    • wudeva…They blow!

    • John, im a Bulls fan and I was routing hard against the Heat but… I couldnt agree more with your comment. And if your remember Wade was hurt in that game. And as the game went on your could tell Wade knew he had to be the leader cuz once again LeBron choked like a he swallowed the damn ball. Wade was demanding the ball towards the end of the game. Its like he knew he couldnt demand on Lebron. As hard as it is for me to give him credit, i have to admit that wade is the true leader of that teak

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