Eagles’ Assistant Coaches Marty Mornhinweg and Jim Washburn Separated During Loss To Patriots


The pain of the disappointing season in Philly is not only felt by the players and the fans, but also by the coaches on the sidelines as well.

During the game against the Patriots, the defensive line coach Jim Washburn took offense to the offensive playcalling by the offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, which was by the way pass-pass-pass.  

The confrontation started out as a verbal disagreement and nearly escalated into a physical fight.

As if things couldn’t get any worse in Philadelphia, there were reports after the Eagles 38-20 loss to the Patriots that assistant coaches Marty Mornhinweg and Jim Washburn got into a verbal confrontation on the sideline and actually had to be separated before it got physical.

And it actually occurred when Philadelphia was still leading New England.

According to CSN Philly, the two have not had problems with each other before, and while there’s been no official word on why the two went after each other on the sideline Sunday, the Philadelphia Daily News speculated that Washburn — the defensive line coach — didn’t appreciate the play-calling of Mornhinweg, the offensive coordinator.

If I had to side with a coach, it would be Washburn. I’d be upset if my team had one of the best running backs in the league and only gave him the ball 10 times too.

The Eagles are 4-7 now (1-5 at home) and since the chances of a Super Bowl are pretty much gone they should treat their fans to some real entertainment.

Sideline fight anyone?

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  • And I would be mad if my vaunted defense had linebackers who are below average, the Pro Bowl group of corners who can’t create turnovers, cover or tackle, ditto for the safeties. Then you have Jim Washburn’s group (defensive line) and they essentially are suppose to worry about getting to the quarterback only and they don’t do that enough I don’t care how much rest they get on the sidelines.

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