Evelyn to Ochocinco: Delete Those Twitter Broads!

Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s “Basketball Groupies, Jumpoffs, Girlfriends, Baby Mamas Wives” apparently begged fiancée Chad Ochocinco to delete 1,000 females he was following on Twitter when the pair started dating. Yet, coincidentally, the social media site is how the two met.

According to the New York Post, the New England Patriots wide receiver scrubbed the list of people he followed due to their “mutual conversations”:

When we first started dating probably around Super Bowl (XLIV), if you look at Chad’s account, he was following 1,500 people,” she told us. “When you go onto someone’s page you see who they are following . . . He probably has like 500 [now].” Asked if she had a say in who could stay, Lozada said: “He was following who he wanted to follow at the time. Things have changed. I didn’t go specifically through his friends, we had a mutual conversation.”

Lozada recently signed a six-figure book deal with Cash Money Content, the publishing division of Cash Money Records. She’ll release a book series, The Wives Association, that will be “loosely” based on her life as the love interest of various athletes.

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  • Did Mrs Evelyn delete her twitter fellas?

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