Exclusive: Creators of Dreads on a Stick, Speak Out Against Chris Johnson’s Threats

If you recall a couple days ago Chris Johnson threatened a lawsuit against the creators of Dreads on a Stick. Johnson claims they are using his likeness without his permission.

The owners of the company spoke exclusively to BlackSportsOnline giving their side of the story and if it is to be believed it is pretty damaging to Johnson.

“Shockingly, our company has come under attack from Chris Johnson’s public threats of a lawsuit. We would like to clear up a few facts.

Our company has been involved with Chris Johnson and his Flashy Lifestyle business team for about six months. Johnson told us during the start of the season that he wanted us to focus on his record label, Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment, and all of his different artists. So in heeding his instructions, we came up with a concept called RUNDMCj, which we thought would eventually become a vehicle in which we could promote his various artists and their music.

The RUNDMCj website would have eventually featured everything that we have been planning for Johnson’s label over a span of six months, since the time of our very first conversation with him.

The initial launch of the website was to include a promotional item called “Dreads on a Stick” designed by our company, our same company who was also asked by Johnson to design a “Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment” custom chain necklace for his own personal use; also his artist’s album covers and mixtape covers and other promotional items for his record label. “Dreads on a Stick” was a last-minute promotional idea put together by our graphic artist (an item that, after printing costs and shipping, would return little to no profit). Within hours of putting the idea together with a visual presentation so that Johnson’s team could better understand the concept, we were ready to get Johnson or his business partner, Kenny Turner’s, final approval before going live with our campaign.

It is our opinion that, much to our disappointment, Johnson and his business partner misunderstood the motive behind our project causing them to react in an irate manner without accepting any explanation.

At this point, we are prepared to seek legal remedies against Chris Johnson and Kenny Turner (a convicted felon), for serious physical threats of harm made to us, and we are also pursuing a separate lawsuit involving the other issues at hand.”

This is of course a totally different story than the one Johnson told, so who do you believe?

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