Fans Offer To Donate A Liver To Joe Frazier

The news of former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier battling liver cancer caught a lot of people by surprise. Particularly his fans.

Frazier was diagnosed last month with the disease and has been in out and out of the hospital since early October and has been receiving hospice treatment the last week.

Doctors haven’t told Frazier how long he has to live but some fans want to do whatever they can to keep him alive; including donating a liver Frazier.

ESPN has the details:

The 67-year-old boxer sleeps for most the day but is coherent when awake, his personal and business manager said. Leslie Wolff, who has been the fighter’s manager for seven years, said Frazier has been flooded with get-well messages from former boxers and fans. Wolff tells The Associated Press some fans have offered to donate a liver.

“There is evidence that there are certain people that fight much harder than other people, and in doing so, they last longer,” Wolff said Monday. “They have the heart of a champion. Joe ain’t no quitter. Even in this struggle, he’s showing people you don’t give up.”

I understand fans are concern about Joe’s health and want to see him survive this cancer. The best thing to do is to just keep him and his family in your prayers and hope for the best.