Indiana TV Station Refuses To Show Colts/Panthers Game

The good thing in all of this is that at the end of the season the Colts will be rewarded with the Chosen One, Andrew Luck.

However, for the moment being Indianapolis has to endure the harsh consequences of being winless/defeated/horrible. This past weekend, Colts fans living in Fort Wayne, Ind. had to watch the Chicago Bears instead of their hometown Colts.

One thing all NFL fans must understand is that the road team determines whether the game is shown on FOX or CBS. Since the NFC South Panthers traveled to Indy, the game was supposed to be shown on FOX affiliates throughout Indiana. However, the Ft. Wayne station showed the Bears game because they had a compelling story.

The Fox channel had the rights to the Colts’ home game, but it could only broadcast one game because CBS had the doubleheader Sunday. Indiana’s NewsCenter chose the late-afternoon Chicago Bears game at Oakland over the Colts’ 27-19 loss that dropped them to 0-11.

“The buck stops with me,” Jerry Giesler, president and general manager of Indiana’s NewsCenter, said in a telephone interview. “We talked a lot about it internally. Of course, the year in, year out logical choice would be the Colts. Absolutely, no question. The reason we went with the Bears was to follow the compelling story, their (playoff) hopes alive, a new quarterback.”

If that is the rationale for showing the Bears game, then all Indiana TV stations shouldn’t show another Colts game this season. Larry Coyer was just fired as the Defensive coordinator and backup QB Curtis Painter has been replaced by the backup backup QB Dan Orlovsky.

At this point, Indy TV stations should go ahead and air re-runs of Stanford games so that they can get a taste of the future. Looking at the remaining Colts schedule, I’m about 80 percent sure they go 0-16.

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  • Yeah people there were a little upset and I’m in Fort Wayne. I wonder what they are going to this week. Chiefs/Bears and Pats/Colts on 1. I wonder which one they going choose. I say the Chiefs/Bears.

  • Are you serious? I disagree with your information. Tell me what you enjoy about these things?

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