J.R. Smith Returns from Knee Injury, Almost Waived Because He Asked For Extra Villa


The good news is that JR Smith didn’t blow out his ACL, the bad news is that because of some of his demands he might be run out of China.

To be honest if I was going to go to China to play I would ask for as much stuff as I possibly could.  JR is pushing his luck though.

Apparently JR Smith’s team in China was close to waiving him because of his excessive demands and behavior. Along with his salary, his team was already paying his insurance policy and housed him in $1,000/night presidential suite as well as a private chef but Smith wanted another villa in Shanghai with a chauffeured car to get him to practice…he also missed 3 practices with illness excuses and one of the times the team caught him shopping in Shanghai.

That is funny on a couple of different levels.

I expect J.R. to be kicked out of the China league before the New Year.