Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio

The head coach firing season continues.

NFL teams don’t really make a big habit out of firing head coaches in the middle of the season, but there’s nothing surprising about the Jaguars’ move to finally let Jack Del Rio go.

Del Rio went 68-70 in nine years in Jacksonville and led the Jags to only two playoff appearances (and one win, beating the Steelers on the road in 2007). 2007 also happened to be the Jags last season over .500.

Del Rio had to go. His biggest recent transgression was letting incumbent starting quarterback David Garrard go before the season with an inept backup in Luke McCown and a rookie Blaine Gabbart who simply is not ready to be a starter in the NFL.

However, his mediocre nine-year tenure in Jacksonville says that either management or his players really loved him, or he has one of the best agents in the world.

2 thoughts on “Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio

  • I can never understand why people don’t realize that cuts are not always made by coaches. Jacksonville is a small market team that struggles to exist and David Garrard was due to make about $9 million dollars this season. Additionally, he has a herniated disc. You play a rookie quarterback and you have to live and die with his growing pains.

  • I agree…dude get your facts straight! Jack’s been losing face within management for a while now, Weaver already stated before the season it was playoffs or Jack was going to be fired. Management got rid of Garrard not Jack. But it’s still karma since it was Jack’s call to get rid of Byron Leftwich!

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