Joe Paterno has Treatable Lung Cancer, Does it Soften Your Feelings on Him?

Doesn’t matter the form of cancer, you shouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.  We all have had family members that have suffered from the disease, so you should know that no one would be happy about having cancer just for sympathy.

Joe Paterno’s son released a statement saying his dad has treatable lung cancer.  The question begs does this news changed your feelings about Paterno in the wake of the Penn State Scandal.

Former Penn State coach Joe Paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer, according to his son.

Scott Paterno said in a statement provided to The Associated Press by a family representative on Friday that the 84-year-old Joe Paterno is undergoing treatment and that “his doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery.”

“As everyone can appreciate, this is a deeply personal matter for my parents, and we simply ask that his privacy be respected as he proceeds with treatment,” Scott Paterno said in a brief statement.

First thing you need to ask yourself is would this information come out if there was no scandal at Penn State?

It could just be a coincidence, but it is more likely Paterno has known about this condition for awhile.

Does it matter to you, the fan or individual that has been badgering the 84 year old Paterno over the last week for his role in the Penn State Scandal now that you know he is fighting cancer?

A better way to look at is this. If you found out it was Jerry Sandusky would you care?

I think we both know the answer to that.

3 thoughts on “Joe Paterno has Treatable Lung Cancer, Does it Soften Your Feelings on Him?

  • Although it’s unfortunate he is suffering from lung cancer this news seems more and more like a strategic move

    • I totally agree. He only wants to soften the feelings of those with lawsuits on their mind!

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