Joe Paterno’s Wife Sue Thrown out of Penn State University Pool


This is ridiculously.

I normally don’t get mad at any stories I write, but this is so stupid I want to drive to PSU and pimp slap someone.  Paterno’s wife is like 122 years old and has nothing to do what is going on with the Sandusky scandal.

Furthermore you simply can’t erase 60 years of what Joe Paterno has done at PSU with silliness like not allowing his wife to exercise.

The Patriot-News has just reported that Sue Paterno, wife of embattled former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, was told that she couldn’t use the university’s campus pool, where she usually works out. The paper cited “A source close to the Paterno family” in reporting that Mrs. Paterno “was told to leave.”

Sue Paterno used Penn State facilities to swim and exercise everyday, the source said, but was told Wednesday morning that she could no longer use the facilities.

Simply pathetic on PSU’s part as they try to blame and punish everyone except themselves for what has been happening on their campus.

If they were as diligent with Sandusky’s activities as they were with Sue Paterno’s swim schedule they wouldn’t be in the position they are in.


  1. I wouldn’t want her there either lol, yea she didn’t cause it but that’s what happens in situations like these. Sorry, the university will last longer than all of them, she’s collateral damage unfortunately.

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