John Fox: “If Tim Tebow Tried to Run Regular Offense He’d Be Screwed”


This is one of those statements that everyone knows is true, but hearing it out loud is still a bit amazing.

The question begs can you win consistently when your quarterback can’t run a regular offense?  While you mull that over our friends at have the John Fox quotes.

John Fox of the Broncos, has admitted Tebow can only be successful in an offense set just for him.

Here’s what Fox told’s Jeff Darlington:

If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.

After the loss to Detroit, we decided if Tim is going to be our guy, we can’t do that other crap.  We had to tweak it.

Can the Broncos have long term success playing like they are Nebraska 95, most people say no, but they are much more interesting to watch now.


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