Jags Kicker Josh Scobee Calls Desean Jackson “A Punk” on Twitter


On Sunday night, before The Sidearm God Vince Young and the Philadelphia Eagles put the New York Giants away with a 17-10 road win that barely keeps the Bad Dream Team alive in the NFC race, star wideout Desean Jackson nearly threatened the victory with an asinine taunting penalty that negated a 50-yard pass play.

The penalty seemed to cause an unanimous Twitter movement to declare how much of an idiot Jackson was for the boneheaded play, and in general really. Not since The Decision has the Twitterverse been more united.

Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee was also apparently watching the game and was moved to take things a tad further. Scobee called Jackson “a punk” and included the hashtag #growuptinybastard (#SHOTSFIRED).


Scobee then added insult to insult to tiny bastard by elaborating on the Twitter diss in his next tweet.


Methinks Josh Scobee would be a little more hesitant to voice his displeasure with such boisterous antics if, say, they came from Anquan Boldin and all his 6’3 might. Desean Jackson is an easy target, and tiny, and an occasional screwup, but Scobee is a kicker, much lower on the NFL totem pole. He’d do better falling back on the inflammatory tweets in the future.

Speaking of which, Scobee eventually did back off his earlier tweets:


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  • #growuptinybastard is hilarious to me, especially coming from a kicker.

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