Kenya Bell & Kesha Ni’cole Nichols Join Cast of Basketball Wives


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I wish I had something creative to say, but I don’t.

So instead I will just quote the YBF who has all the details.

Meet Kenya Bell , a former Miss Michigan who stabbed her ex, and Kesha Nichols , the chick who got left at the alter via email, inside…

Former Miss Michigan USA Kenya Bell has been revealed as one of the new cast members of the original “Basketball Wives” show. Kenya was arrested just this past May for stabbing her husband, Golden State Warrior Charlie Bell (Charlie Bell’s Wife Kenya Releases Statement On Domestic Violence Charges). And it all happened in front of their 2 children. Supposedly they were in the process of a divorce, but are still technically married.

The second new cast member is Kesha Ni’cole Nichols. If you recall, her ex fiance’ San Antonio Spur Richard Jefferson pretty much left her at the alter. He called off their $2 million wedding just days before–via EMAIL–and didn’t tell the wedding guests until the day OF! He promised her a 6-figure concession check, but reneged. And locked her out of their apartment.

I always thought that Richard Jefferson story was hilarious for various reasons.  According to some the new cast mates have already gotten into some scuffles, but that is what Basketball Wives is all about.

Kenya I believe is still married, so technically is still a Basketball Wife.  Nichols on the other hand goes into the Almost Basketball Wives category.

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  • Great, just what this show needs…. Some more mentally/emotionally unstable women to show the world what NOT to look for in a female for a companion/mate…

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