Kevin Garnett Sold Ricky Rubio On Minnesota

Like many NBA fans, I was happy to see Kevin Garnett win a title with the 2008 Celtics. However, I know that Garnett would have loved to bring a title to the fans in Minnesota. He was drafted by the Timberwolves straight out of high school and became the face of the franchise and one of the NBA’s brightest stars. Towards the latter end of his career, Garnett decided that his best shot at a title was with other stars and he was right.

With another young and bright star coming to Minnesota in Ricky Rubio, Garnett wanted the talented Spanish point guard to know that Minneapolis isn’t such a bad place to play:

Rubio said. ‘I love the place. The people are so nice. I talk with KG, too, and he talked to me great things about Minnesota. He said the crowd cheers very hard for the team. They love the sport. We have to fight to give them what they are waiting for us to do, to win. I’m from Barcelona and now I’m in California, so Minnesota will be a big change. In the end, you have your house and you have the skywalks to go through, so that will make it easier for me. I have seen snow before: For a week in the mountains, but for no more than a week. But I’m ready, ready to get started, ready to make my dream come true. It doesn’t matter the weather. In the beginning, it will be funny. In the end, it will be hard.’”

Rubio was drafted two years ago and is just now making his debut with the Timberwolves. I find it hard to believe that the weather is the main deal breaker here. New York City is cold too and that city gets snow every year, but I’m sure Rubio would have suited up for the Knicks ASAP if they drafted him in the 2009 Draft. Bottom line is that Minnesota isn’t like New York, Miami, or L.A.

BUT in going to Minnesota, Rubio has a unique opportunity to be the face of the franchise and make the Timberwolves a force in the Western Conference once again.