Kim Kardashian Hires Acting Coach after Co-Stars Say She’s Worst Actress Ever

Tyler Perry is a GENIUS.

Honestly no one would be talking about this movie, especially in the mainstream media if Kimmy wasn’t in it.  It doesn’t matter if she can’t act, it is all about the publicity.

Trust me people will go to the movie just to see how bad she is in it or because they are obessessed fans of hers, it is a win/win. breaks it all down and gives some exclusive details, so be sure to check out her site.

Kim K, who landed a role in Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” (insert joke here) reportedly has been screwing her lines up on set, and has hired celebrity acting coach Susan Batson to help her make a us a “believe” that she’s really an actress.

At a table read last week when Kim was reading her lines everyone was making faces, and trying not to laugh”, says an insider on set. “Some of the cast and crew were saying she’s the worst actress ever, and is only cast in the movie to sell tickets.”

I am not sure why Tyler Perry gave her any speaking roles, that was his first mistake, but beyond that I am not sure what people expected.

Kimmy isn’t an actress she is just a pretty face, Rex Ryan is better actor.

Kris Humphries isn’t working maybe he can get a bit part.

11 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Hires Acting Coach after Co-Stars Say She’s Worst Actress Ever

  • I’m getting sick of seeing her… She’s over-exposed like Halle Berry (and I use to be a fan until I got sick of seeing her everywhere)…….

    Kind of like marriage. It gets old….

    • LOL! I couldn’t barely type from the laughing I was doing at the fact you compared her to Hailey Berry! BHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAH!

      • typo could

  • Come on. She can ACT! She’s been playing the American public for fools.

    • You’ve got that right! So basically people need to stop hating on her because regardless of the hate/love/mixed emotions it’s all making her even more famous. I’m sure it makes her feel kind of bad inside, however I think a part of her is saying fuck you dumb asses either way you guys are making me popular. At this point all the people who say negative things about her are just sounding like haters. Yeah I wonder what her purpose is but at the end of the day she’s making millions and I’m clearly not. So I don’t know about you all but I’m going to get focused back on how I can make my first million and let her do her thing. Hating her isn’t benefiting me therefore I’m going to let her ROCK!

      • LOL…very true

  • Really I couldn’t give a damn…I just enjoy looking at her pics…just sayin

  • I’m with u, LB–she got a future in “front” of her and “behind”…..her body is bonkers!!!! Too bad too many cats done ran thru that….

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