Kim Kardashian so Distraught over Divorce Bails on Australian Appearance


Poor Kimmy……..

I hate to do this but we have to be real, this is all a production. This isn’t real what you are watching and reading. It is the Matrix.

If you take just as entertainment, it is entertaining, if you are actually believe this nonsense you probably believe in Unicorns and the Cubs winning a World Series.

Kim Kardashian is telling friends … she is so “distraught” over the divorce and torrent of publicity that followed, she’s bailing on her Australian appearances and returning to the US of A.

Kim is moaning to friends, The Melbourne Cup appearance — a Thoroughbred horse race — is the first time she’s ever missed work, but she says she just can’t handle it.

And, we’re told she’s saying, “I need to take care of me now, and I can’t work for awhile.”

Kimmy wants you to feel sorry for her, but how can you be distraught over a 72 day marriage, they weren’t even together for a year.

I have had flings that have lasted longer than her marriage.

Hilarious stuff.


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