Kris Humphries Gets $0 From Divorce of Kim Kardashian


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There are two ways to look at this.

Yes, The Hump isn’t going to get any money long term. He had some leverage and probably could have fought the pre-nuptial agreement to at least get him a couple of dollars if Kimmy filed for divorce.

But, if you want to look at it glass half full, while Humphries wasn’t hurting for money before him met Kim, he was just an anonymous middle of the road NBA player.

Now he is known worldwide, granted his name will always be linked to Kim’s, but is that better than not being known at all?  He collected a nice piece change just buying being Kim’s boy toy and not for long husband.

If he plays his cards right he can make millions selling “his side of the story” to the tabloids and news media.  You don’t think a TV network will come up off some cash to get the real scoop on the Kardashian?

So while TMZ is saying Humphries is coming on “goose eggs”, I think he can be the goose that laid the Golden Egg if he is just smart about the situation.

3 thoughts on “Kris Humphries Gets $0 From Divorce of Kim Kardashian

  • He doesn’t need her money because some team will overpay him. The biggest loser is ole kimmy. What is she going to do when her ass gets older and the media forgets about her and moves on to the next exotic hoe? She’ll regret this decision because she could have been comfortably sitting on nba housewife money.

    • Kris Hump is NOT LeBron James or Kobe..he’s just a role player….KimK is a young fine hoe..she’s got alot of hoeing to do before she settles down and you better believe that mama K is going to make sure her fam milks all the money they can…so dropping Kris Hump is the a good decision on KimK’s part.

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