Lakers Interested in Baron Davis


Derick Fisher has been embroiled in labor negotiations for most of the summer and into the fall, add to that he is 37 years old suffice to say he isn’t the best option to be the Lakers starting point guard this year.

I still think he has value, but as a bench player.

The Lakers agree and would be interested in Baron Davis if he became available.

The Lakers are curious to see if veteran point guard Baron Davis gets cut by Cleveland. He has two years and $28.7 million left on his contract, though he can be signed for substantially less than that.

If they can’t get Davis they will have a lot of B and C level options as free agents.  They need to upgrade the point guard position if they want to make a run to the NBA Finals.


  1. I don’t think adding Baron Davis to the Lakers would really help. baron is a good player, but i don’t think he would fit with Kobe and Lakers offense. Baron is a shooter, so I don’t know how well he would do playing as a roll player.

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