Lakers Matt Barnes Says Gloria Govan Cheating on Him With Friend via Twitter Confession



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Nothing like a Pre Thanksgiving confession via Twitter.

Matt Barnes basically is saying that it wasn’t him that caused the break up between himself and Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan, but it was her cheating ways.

But she just didn’t cheat, she committed a cardinal sin.

She cheated with his one of Barnes’ boy.

No offense to women, but I am not surprised this happens all the time.  If true of course I am disappointed in Barnes’ friend because that is breaking a man law.

No word if the friend is Rapper The Game (Groupie Says Gloria Govan Slept With The Game, Caused Breakup With Matt Barnes).

Barnes shouldn’t be a surprised about Gloria being a cheater it isn’t like she hasn’t been arrested before for cheating (Basketball Wives LA Gloria Govan isn’t a Good Girl, She is a Felon).


  1. who ever wrote this is a complete idiot. its not like men, especially athletes dont cheat on their wifes/gf’s all the time.

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