Linda Hogan Body Slams Hulk Hogan in Divorce Settlement, Gets 70% of His Assets


These are amazing numbers if you really think about.

Linda Hogan who has no discernible talent and never did anything to help Hulk Hogan become a global icon cleaned up in their divorce settlement.

If you are rich, you might want to use Hogan as an example of why not to get married.

– A new story about Hulk Hogan’s financial state since his divorce from Linda Hogan was finalized. Some of the details coming out of the divorce are below:

* Linda got over 70% of the couple’s liquid assets…specifically, she got $7.44 million of the their $10.41 million from various bank and investment accounts.

* Hogan agreed to give Linda 40% ownership in his companies, as well as pay out a $3 million property settlement.

* The two will be splitting the money that comes from the sales of their homes in Clearwater Beach and Belleair, Florida.

* Linda got to keep a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce and various off-road vehicles. Hulk got the rest.

I am trying to figure out how she got 70% of the assets when she was the one who left him for a pool boy?

Marriage is a losing bet.


  1. What the hell was his lawyer doing through all of this?! His ass should be fired, never to work as a lawyer again!!!

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