Lions Kicker Jason Hanson spends Bye Week getting stitched up from ATV Accident


How do NFL players spend their bye week? Visiting family and friends? Catching up with jump-offs? Well, if your Detroit Lions kicker, Jason Hanson, you spend it getting stitched up! Keep in mind, he’s a kicker, so this accident isn’t from a bar brawl or busting out a window freeing a helpless teen from a fire, this was from….(reportedly) an ATV accident. He says he’ll be ready for Sunday, but that didn’t stop the Lions from working out free agents Shayne Graham and Rhys Lloyd.

Players getting hurt in bizarre off field accidents isn’t new, and you wonder how many are legit and how many try to cover up them doing something they shouldn’t have. Jason Hanson was quoted as saying “I wasn’t being an idiot” when he got hurt. That, along with his playing time and ability to help the Lions to another win Sunday, is yet to be determined.