Master of the Mix Premiere Season 2 Viewing Party

First thing you notice about Season 2 Master of the Mix on BET is that the DJs are established vets like last year, but fresh newcomers.

Also with the judges set as oppose to the rotation it gives it a more American Idol type of feel.

With Kid Capri playing Simon, DJ Duplaix as Randy and Amber Rose doing her best Paula Abdul impression.

One of my friends at the viewing party Carl mentioned this about Amber Rose.

“She is so pretty to look sometimes I forget about the DJ spinning”.

That is one way to attract viewers. DJ Kid Capri brings such an energy and honest to the show that it keeps you moving. It is almost like being at a concert.

As far as the DJs in the first episode it was about finding the top DJs from across the country.  I have to admit I hope the DJ, Kid Capri called Hamptons makes it to final 10.  New York had the best DJs, but I sort of expected that.

I think the episode really showed how difficult it really is to be a DJ, everyone thinks they are hot, but they are not.

Can’t wait for next episode.


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