Nationals’ Catcher Wilson Ramos Rescued In Venezuela After Being Kidnapped

A few days ago, we reported that the starting catcher for the Washington Nationals, Wilson Ramos, was kidnapped by armed men in Venezuela.

Now we can luckily say that Ramos has been found alive and rescued.

Ramos’ agent, Gustavo Mercano, broke the good news.

Yahoo! has the details:

Ramos was freed in the mountains of Montalban in the state of Carabobo in central Venezuela, said the government’s Communications Minister, Andres Izarra. The area is roughly 40 miles northwest of Valencia, where four gunmen abducted him Wednesday evening.

“It’s a special moment for his family,” Mercano said. “We’re all happy. We’re grateful.”

In the background over the phone, Ramos’ family could be heard chanting, “Wil-son! Wil-son!”

It is truly a miracle that Ramos returned to his family alive and in good health. One can only imagine how scared his family and friends must have been during the whole ordeal. Additionally, you can bet the Nationals were more than relieved to have their starting catcher back.

An ugly situation, but a happy ending.

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  • Want to make a bet regarding WHO is making plans to get the heck out of Venezuela permanently ???

  • Yay! I’m glad to see he’s free. He definitely needs to travel with heavy security from now on. Venezolanos no juegan.

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