Oklahoma QB Landry Jones’ Truck Gets Tire-Jacked

You gotta feel for Landry here. Initially, it was reported that his truck’s tires was jacked as a prank by his teammates, but shortly thereafter it was revealed that his tires was stolen for real.

Apparently, this was not a prank as originally thought. The Oklahoman, which originally blogged about the story, is now reporting that Jones’ tires were really stolen Tuesday morning and that he had to purchase new ones Wednesday morning.

So Jones goes from thinking that his teammates will give him his tires back to having to purchase new ones — another hundred plus bucks out the window for the college QB.

I remember the last time when someone dented my car in a parking lot and dashed off. I was upset but I knew from the beginning what it was. In this situation, Landry thought he could laugh about what happened to his truck, only to find out that he was really jacked.

Messing with the emotions… but that’s life.

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  • That is a harley davidson truck. Tf you think those rims(factory 22s I believe) and tires are “a hundred bucks plus” you are wayyyyyyyyy off.

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