Patriots Julian Edelman Arrested on Assault, Groped Woman on Halloween Allegedly

Remember it is innocent until proven guilty.

With that being said, especially considering it was Halloween I could totally see this happening.  Here are the details.

After police spoke with the female victim, Edelman was arrested on a single count of indecent assault and battery, Driscoll said. Edelman was taken into custody but later posted bail and released by police.

In a report on the case, Boston police said Edelman was inside the nightclub on Halloween night when he allegedly reached underneath the woman’s costume and groped her below the waist.

A man who was with the woman told police that a man – later identified as Edelman – bumped into the woman on the dance floor. “He saw the victim’s face change into an expression of shock,’’ police said in the report.

The man then confronted Edelman on the dance floor and “threatened to beat him up’’ while the woman tried to calm him down, police said. The man and the woman were ejected, followed by Edelman, police said.

Edelman says he didn’t grope the woman and this could be a case where the woman’s boyfriend was a little salty because his girlfriend was talking to a NFL player.

As always someone is lying and whoever is the lying party should be punished.

If Edelman was trying to get his Bathroom Ben on he should be punished accordingly, if the woman is lying to save face with her man she should be charged with giving false statements to the police.

We will keep you updated.

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  • If you’ve ever lived or been around them, football players are not that cerebral to begin with…

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