Penn State Takes Down Joe Paterno Statue


If you were overseas and had no access to any news that was going on in the United States, you got off the plane and overheard someone mention the Penn State Scandal.

You typed in Penn State Scandal in Google, you would think that Joe Paterno was the one who was molesting kids not Jerry Sandusky.

I am not excusing what Joe Paterno did, nor am I saying he shouldn’t have been fired, but to try to erase the 60 years of positive things he has done for the University is wrong in my opinion.

He made a huge mistake (even if legally he didn’t do anything wrong) and it cost him his job, but Penn State shouldn’t use him as a scapegoat when many others had a larger role in the cover up.

I am not surprised someone always has to take the fall, but I hope you the reader understands that Joe Paterno is a part of puzzle not the entire picture.


Come to find out the pic is a fake and the statue thankfully is still up.


  1. An article with a title used to garner hits for the website. Well bravo, it worked, but your ethics are questionable.

  2. Sorry, but if the picture is a fake and you confirmed that in an update…why would you leave it up? You’re being just as bad as the media that you’re writing against who are pinning Joe as the bad guy…just saying. I like your article really I do. Just take the picture down…?

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