Peyton Manning Fires Back at Phil Simms For “Don’t Draft Luck” Accusation


Phil Simms has been making news lately.  Along with making sure everyone knows that he is not sold on Andrew Luck, Simms has not been shy about his insistence that the Indianapolis Colts will not draft Luck if they have the number one pick.

His reason? He does not think that Peyton Manning will let them.  Simms expressed his feelings passionately pretty clearly this week on his show “Inside the NFL” on Showtime.

However, Simms does not want Manning to be mad about him and shot him a text about it to try and clear things up which led to this very interesting exchange.

“I don’t talk to Phil,” Manning said, via Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star.  “Phil doesn’t talk to me.  He did text me after that, saying ‘Hey, sorry to drag your name into this.’  I wrote back, ‘Phil I don’t know what you’re talking about.’  He said, ‘Well on my show, Inside the NFL, I made this statement.’  I said, ‘Phil, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t watch your show, along with a lot of other people that I don’t think watch that show.’  Giving himself a little more credit than probably was merited.

Ouch. Even Nas and his “Ether” think that was a pretty bad diss.

Phil’s son Matt is currently a quarterback at Peyton’s alma mater, the  University of Tennessee. I would like to be a fly on the wall the next time these two bump into each other, especially after this story has been made so public.

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  • Peyton is cold blooded! Remember when he destroyed his “idiot kicker??”

  • Peyton basically told Phil…”you’re a Non-Factor…B*tch”….

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