Photo: Floyd Mayweather & His BFF 50 Cent on Cover of XXL Magazine

Can’t have a Money Issue without The Money Team right?

Curiously Ray J is missing from the cover, maybe he is outside with the 37 Phantoms in the parking lot. This XXL issue is more about 50 Cent, but of course he was kind enough to get his BFF Floyd Mayweather in one of the cover shots.

50 Cent did one thing that all rappers should do.

Unless you are Jay Z or LL Cool J the shelf life of a rapper being hot is about the same length of the career of a NFL running back, so you have to start generating money outside of the music.

50 Cent did that brilliantly to the point he never has to rap again if he doesn’t want to.

That is the true definition of being on a Money Team.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Floyd Mayweather & His BFF 50 Cent on Cover of XXL Magazine

  • On the cover “Name a rapper that blew up bigger in a shorter period of time.” Also on the cover (top right) “Drake”

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