Photo: Jerry Sandusky Walking Free on Unsecured Bond in NYC Airport

Legally Sandusky is free to do whatever he wants.

Because he was given a sweetheart bond deal where he didn’t have to pay any money to be released even though the allegations warranted a much harsher arrangement there is nothing stopping Sandusky from flying or even being around kids.

Scary thought and he had been hiding while everyone except him has been getting destroy in the media, but TMZ was able to track him down.

Jerry Sandusky has gone underground since the Penn State child sex scandal broke in a very public way last week, but TMZ just got the first photo of the disgraced former assistant coach.

The photo was taken this AM at LaGuardia Airport in NYC, as Sandusky waited for his flight, and passed the time by diving into a bag of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Several people walked up to Sandusky, wanting to talk with him … but he politely declined to engage them.

Unlike other outlets I will continue to tell you when you think of the Penn State Scandal the first name that should roll off your tongue is Jerry Sandusky, if it doesn’t your priorities are in the wrong place.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Jerry Sandusky Walking Free on Unsecured Bond in NYC Airport

  • Something is wrong with this picture. Don’t care what anyone say, If Jerry Sandusky was Tyrone Jones and his victims were muffy and buffy. He wouldn’t be in an airport, free to go anywhere and to meet up with anyone. I know what sexual abuse does to children all too well. But when it happens to African American children for some reason everybody is passing the buck. You’re right Jerry is the Monster! But he had gremlins helping him out. Would Penn State had let him continue to have access to their facilities even after he was caught in 1998 if they were little blond haired girls? Me not think so!

  • As posted earlier by, the gentleman in the photograph above is not in fact Jerry Sandusky.

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