Pics: Falcons Ray Edwards and his Girlfriend Former Stripper Lastarya At Saints Game


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Here is the thing.

If Ray Edwards wants to date a former stripper and a former stripper wants to date a NFL player who cares. A lot of women and men have sorrid past.

Some have their past hidden in the closet while others have it for the world to see. In the world we live in now if you are well known stripper that basically makes you semi famous these days.  There are videos and pictures of Lastarya out there on the internet I assume she wishes that wasn’t, but it is what it is.  When you make choices in life you have to deal with that and the perception people will have of you because of those choices.

Lastarya says she is retired from that life and is into booed up relationship life. Only she knows if that is true not, shouldn’t be any of our concern.  You may or may not believe her, but Edwards does and I am sure that is all she cares about.  Does that make Edwards naive?  Only time will tell.

We all have to make personal decisions in who we are going to deal with and it is ok to give opinions on others relationships.

Just remember that is all it is an opinion. If this how Edwards wants to roll, I wish him well and hopes it works out.  If it doesn’t it is a lesson learned for the next person who is dealing with someone going through the stripper to housewife conversion.


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3 thoughts on “Pics: Falcons Ray Edwards and his Girlfriend Former Stripper Lastarya At Saints Game

  • Sounds like hatred to me, although I’m envious myself. But, like it has been said many times before, you can’t make a housewife out of a whore. PEACE.

  • Big Deal!!!!

    Athletes dating strippers (and “former strippers”) is no big deal. Didn’t Bart Scott say his team fought over strippers? Luckily, Tito Ortiz set the blueprint on dating “former” whores. Well, the blueprint is incomplete but at least he tried!

  • Well good for them….but I will say her body is bangin….and good lawd the booty is phat….

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