Pics: Shaq and Hoopz in NYC…Rocking a Wedding Ring?


They are an odd looking couple.

Shaq seems to be genuinely happy with her, but the cynic in me says that Hoopz is playing him like Madden tournament.  I could be wrong maybe it is true love, but I know better.

As you just read Shaq was denied entry into a NYC club because of his attire, he doesn’t look much better here.

Hoopz on the other hand looks very nice.  The opinions on her attractiveness varies wildly, but she looks exactly the same from her Flavor of Love days and I thought she was pretty back then.

One website is pushing that she is wearing a wedding ring in the pics, looks photoshopped to me and it is on the wrong hand, but I digress.

H/T Stiletto Jill.


  1. They are the type of couple that needs a high profile, Kim-K type wedding. It’s too bad that this broad will take all his money and leave. Maybe she is coaxing Shaq into a comeback. That way, the love of his life can nibble at the veteran’s minimum.

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