Poll Says 76% of Americans Don’t Miss the NBA

The reason this poll is pretty dumb at the present moment is because we are right in the middle of the NFL and College Football seasons.  Most NBA fans are also football fans.

Most casual NBA fans don’t pay much attention to the NBA until after the Super Bowl, so it would make sense no one cares that the NBA hasn’t started their season yet.

So the poll is misleading, but here are the details.

With the NBA at a standstill because of the increasingly rancorous dispute between owners and players, a poll released on Monday found that 76 percent of Americans are getting along fine without the league.

Polling company Poll Position released the results of its telephone survey seven days after the scheduled start of the season on November 1.

The respondents, a random sample of 1,179 registered voters nationwide, were asked: “With one week of no NBA basketball, do you find yourself missing the games?”

Overall, 76 percent said they weren’t missing NBA games, 12 percent were and 12 percent did not have an opinion.

Take the same poll a week after the Super Bowl and trust me you will get vastly different results.

4 thoughts on “Poll Says 76% of Americans Don’t Miss the NBA

  • I’m not missing it…yet.

  • Let me Guess… 76% of the Pollsters were HOCKEY FANS ***LMAO***

    NFL Football is Primarily on Sundays… NBA Basketball (During the NBA Season) is PLAYED Every F-ing Day of THE WEEK… So OF COURSE NBA Fans are DEFINITELY GOING to MISS the NBA which proves this POLL is Str8 Bull-SHYT (Real)

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