Randy Moss Will Only Come Back and Play for the Patriots

I know Moss has stayed in shape and since he is a Wide Receiver with one particular skill it is possible he could step in and be effective. According to ProFootballTalk Moss has already turned down two teams.

The question begs will the Pats make the call.

As Peter King of Sports Illustrated pointed out during halftime of last night’s Maryland-Notre Dame game on NBC, Moss has not burned his bridge back to Foxborough, and Moss has told one veteran member of the Patriots that the Patriots are the only team for which Moss would play.

As a certain Internet hack pointed out in response, Moss has turned down two teams who offered him contracts this season.  If the Pats would call Moss, one of the first topics would be the money.  It’s believed that Moss is hoping for an annualized rate of $10 million, which with seven weeks left after Monday equates to $4.11 million for the balance of the year.  Moss likely would give the Pats a discount, if the phone rings.

The Patriots are contenders but that is it.  They have issues on the defensive side of the ball and with their receivers.  Would Moss help?

What do you think?

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  • Come on, Man…..its Randy Moss!!! Its not like he CAN’T still play the game of pigskin; dude’s a future Hall of Famer, or damn close…..just sayin…..

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