Report: Chris Paul Would Not Sign Long-Term Extension With the Celtics

After rumors surfaced earlier this week that New Orleans Hornets All-World point guard Chris Paul was being courted by the Boston Celtics, here comes Chris Broussard of ESPN to burst Beantown’s bubble, reporting that CP3 would not sign an extension if traded to Boston during the season. The rumored deal would assuredly bring back Rajon Rondo to the Big Easy.

If true, this should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Chris Paul has been flirting with the idea (re: slight fantasy) of playing in New York with comrade Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire since last summer, and I’m sure he would exhaust every opportunity to fulfill that dream before considering a second option, no matter how many hoops he and/or the NBA-owned Hornets would have to jump through to get him to the Big Apple.

To boot, the Celtics aren’t shaping up to be the best-suited franchise for an in-his-prime best point guard alive to compete big-time in a conference set up to be owned by the Miami Heat for the next few years. Vets Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett come off the books after this season, and Paul Pierce is signed until 2014, and he was drafted in 1998.

One thing is for certain though, Chris Paul is as good as gone from New Orleans. The new CBA isn’t even ratified yet, and CP3 has been linked to approximately 20 of the league’s 30 teams and maybe a few D-League squads.

The Hornets league-owned status most likely will keep Paul in New Orleans through the 66-game schedule at least, unless a gargantuan offer comes across the table that allows them to get around 75 cents for Paul’s dollar. Having Chris on the roster makes any potential sale more attractive, even though common knowledge is that he won’t be around after July 2012.

3 thoughts on “Report: Chris Paul Would Not Sign Long-Term Extension With the Celtics

  • In 2008 Lebron James orchestrated a hijacking of the NBA for major upcoming free agents to load up in big markets. He got the Players on the Redeem Team who were upcoming free agents to sell their services to big markets only. Miami, New York, LA, and Chicago. James and Bosh joined Wade in Miami, Boozer went to Chicago, Carmelo went to NY and Paul will go in 2012 regardless if he gets traded to someone else before. Same thing with Howard and Deron Williams who will join Kobe in LA in 2012. Tayshaun Prince and Michael Redd will sign with one of those four teams for the mid level exception. This is what the small market hardliners are so pissed about and why they wanted a hard cap.

    • Well fcuk the small markets.

    • Fun fact: Miami isn’t a large market. No one on planet earth believes the Florida Marlins have an advantage being in Miami. The New Orleans Hornets weren’t stable as a franchise even before Chris Paul. Utah no longer wanted Carlos Boozer and Chicago had cap space and a hole in the middle. Denver had every right to hold on to Melo until the season was over and traded him for assets. Cleveland was toast as far as long term flexibility because of the short-sighted deals they made in 2005 (Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, Big Z) and 2010 (trading for Shaq, extending Varajeo). Orlando traded for Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas after major injuries and drop-offs in production from both. Don’t feel sorry for these small markets. They fucked themselves.

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