Report: J.R. Smith Seriously Injures His Knee While Playing in China


Because he is in China reports are a bit sketchy at best, but it appears that J.R. Smith has some sort of knee injury and it could be very serious.

J.R. was one of many NBA players who had decided to play overseas than wait out the NBA Lockout.

Here is what is being reported.

J.R. Smith injured his knee during his debut in the Chinese Basketball Association, and needed to be carried to an ambulance by his teammates.

The fact that he couldn’t walk under his own power is obviously a dreadful sign, but he refused a wheelchair and reportedly told the ambulance to drive him to his hotel, where a nurse stayed with him. One observer said it “looked like a non-contact injury,” which is another bad sign. We’ll update his status once more is known.

Hopefully not serious even though doesn’t look good, but as soon as we have more info we will update you.


Here is video of the injury.


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