Ryne Sandberg Given Permission to Interview for Cardinals Manager Position

For the sake of transparency, I have to preface this post by saying that I have been a Cubs fan for almost 30 years and my favorite player growing up was Ryne Sandberg. I had his poster in my room growing up and I still have a special collectors album filled with only his baseball cards. For me, Michael Jordan is the other #23 in Chicago sports.

That said, I have to reach out and hope somebody hears me.

Ryno, please do not manage the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now the Cardinals and Cubs is probably the second most intense rivalry in baseball behind the Red Sox and Yankees except it is not as acrimonious. There is a healthy respect between the two fan bases. I respect and applaud the Cardinals’ unlikely World Series run the same way that as a Dolphins fan I have to give props to the Patriots. (On the other hand, F the Jets)

So when reports came out that the Cubs savior Theo Epstein had eliminated Sandberg’s name from consideration after dismissing Mike Quade followed by news that the Philadelphia Phillies had granted permission for Sandberg to interview with the Cardinals, my heart sank.

I know Ryne Sandberg deserves a managerial position. I just want him to manage the Mariners or the Blue Jays or something, not the Cardinals.

Imagine if Don Mattingly were managing the Red Sox instead of the Dodgers?

So, I hope Theo Epstein reconsiders or tries to find a way to bring Ryno into the fold.

Chicago is where he belongs.