Shaq Married Hoopz, With No PreNup?


In some ways Shaq is brilliant.

His marketing savvy, ability to play the media and promotional skills are all top notched.

In other ways Shaq is not so bright.

His emailing, dealing with women and handling of his teammates not so much.

It is quite possible at some point that Shaq will marry Nikki Alexander aka Hoopz, but even Shaq isn’t dumb enough to marry her without a iron clad pre-nup considering how Shaunie O’Neal just cleaned up recently in their divorce.  So no matter what you are hearing from various websites I would take it with a grain of salt.

If by small chance these rumors are true the only way I can equate Hoopz maneuvering from Flavor of Love, sex tape in a one bedroom apartment with no headboard on the bed, sitting in Section 69, Row 112 & seat Sidechick to Luxury boxes and main lady status is this.


  1. Something is TERRIBLY WRONG when HUGELY Successful Black MEN with Outrageous Monetary Resources along with REAL Revenue-Earning POWER marries an All-Out SLUT and STR8 Up WHORE …

    I MEAN, Do YOU really HAVE TO MARRY HER Shaq ?!!?

    SHE is a Female that has PROVEN THAT She’s a DISPOSABLE FEMALE… You UTILIZE THEM to Your Desired Interests Dawg & Then DISPOSE OF THEM Accordingly !!! SMDH

    If THIS is in fact TRUE then Shaq has OFFICIALLY “Lost His MF-ing MIND” IMO

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