Shaq Proclaims Kobe Bryant Best Laker Ever

If it wasn’t obvious from other excerpts that have come out from Shaquille O’Neal’s new book, it is certainly clear now that the Big Autobiographer is trying hard to make sure this thing hits the best seller list. In the following video clip from Yahoo Sports, Shaq declares that his ex-teammate, Kobe Bryant, is the greatest Laker ever to put on the purple and gold.

Just a few weeks ago we were hearing all about how Kobe and Shaq relationship disintegrated and now he’s heaping praise upon the guy who sold him out about his alleged infidelities?

I’ll always be partial to Magic myself, and it’s also hard to argue with those who lobby on behalf of Jerry West, but Shaq’s claim isn’t as outrageous as it sounds. Kobe has tied Magic with five NBA Titles and could very well get a sixth before his career is over. He will almost certainly end his career as one of the top five scorers in league history, and perhaps the second best two-guard behind Michael Jordan. Kobe still has a few stats to pad to complete the resume but this time, it seems that Shaq is not just blowing smoke.

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2 thoughts on “Shaq Proclaims Kobe Bryant Best Laker Ever

  • I love that picture.

    Let’s not forget Shaq Carried Kobe to 3 Titles.

    Shaq 3 Straight Finals MVP

    Kobe has 2 Finals MVP but stole one from Gasol

  • Now that the lock out is over Shaq may be trying to mend some of his NBA relationships since he’ll need them to talk to him on camera

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