Shaq Says Nate Robinson Obsessed With Twitter & Almost Punching Big Baby Davis

You know the drill by now.

Little by little more excerpts from Shaq’s Uncut book comes out and whatever you may think about Shaq you can’t say that he is holding his tongue.

Here are a few snippets of what he thought about his time with the Celtics.

I wasn’t surprised at all when he got traded. Nate was always trying to get noticed by the public. He was always tweeting videos of himself punking his teammates … Some people are a little too focused on Twitter and Nate was one of them. He was too worried about how many followers he had. He kept saying, “Shaq, I need more people. Help me out.”

On the West Coast swing in January, Shaq wanted to get off against the Lakers, but he said even though he was getting good position under the basket, Glen Davis wouldn’t pass him the ball.

“Big Baby” Davis kept looking me off and taking it himself. Doc is shouting at him to go inside, but he won’t. So Doc calls timeout and draws up a play for me. I go out there, and I back Andrew Bynum way under the rim. I’m loose, I’m ready. I’ve got Bynum under the basket and again, Baby won’t give me the ball. So I go up to him and say, “If you ever miss me again I’m going to punch you in the face.” I was hot.

Not sure if Shaq should be complaining about anyone wanting to bring attention to themselves, he has made a career out of it.  People have asked me do I think there will be backlash because of his book.

I doubt it, none of these guys hang out with Shaq and could probably care less.

6 thoughts on “Shaq Says Nate Robinson Obsessed With Twitter & Almost Punching Big Baby Davis

  • Exactly…they really don’t.

    • Ahhh YES THEY DO CARE… They’re Feeble-Minded and Overrated and TRUTH HURTS Especially when It’s EXPOSED for The World to SEE !!!

  • Shaq dropping dimes like an issue of Smooth magazine….

  • SHAQ is a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL than any of Those Dudes so he can talk MADD-SHYT becuz EVERYBODY on that level Routinely Does… WHY Should Shaq be LQQKED Upon any Differently ?!!?

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