Some Lions Teammates Cool With Ndamukong Suh Suspension, Thinks He is Selfish

I have heard of players not condoning a teammate actions, but it is very rare that players would advocate a suspension of a player that can help them win.

Donovan McNabb signing off on the suspension of Terrell Owens comes to mind and that basically splintered the Eagles that year.

It does appear though the Lions as a whole are getting tired of Suh’s act.

Several of Suh’s teammates believe a suspension is warranted, given his repeated rule bending.

Team sources said Sunday that some teammates believe Suh’s actions are selfish, and they wish the Lions and/or league had done more to discipline the second-year pro in the past to curb his behavior. They wonder if these kind of acts will continue unless Suh is dealt with severely.

I think a one game suspension is warranted with the caveat that if anything like the Suh Stomp happens again he would be looking at a multi game suspension.

Suh is in denial, he is a dirty player and he needs to come to grips with that because he is hurting his team by his actions.