Spud Webb New Coach of Rick’s Cabaret Stripper Basketball League

Stripper Basketball League?

Better than watching the Bucks play, so I can dig it. They promised to make a big splash when they named their first head coach, I wouldn’t call Spud Webb a big splash (small splash maybe), but nevertheless the press release was an entertaining read.

Rick’s Cabaret introduced Webb to the media at a news conference at the New York City club today, at which he put his team through a practice session in front of the stage where they normally dance. The New York team is expected to play games shortly against the Minneapolis Downtown Cabaret and Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami.

“These ladies are fabulous and have obvious talents and skills. I can’t think of a better way to entertain long-suffering NBA fans,” Webb said.

“He’s a hero to people of all sizes and he shows that anyone can accomplish anything,” said Gianna, a point guard on the New York team. “Of course we are happy the NBA is coming back in December–they are some of our best customers. We’ll play ‘til the NBA season starts because our fans and customers want it.”

I did chuckle at Webb saying the ladies have “obvious talents and skills”.

I am sure they do Spud, I am sure they do.

3 thoughts on “Spud Webb New Coach of Rick’s Cabaret Stripper Basketball League

  • This is the first league that allows throwing money on the court.

  • The only thing I want to see strippers do is strip and shake dat thang NOT playin ball but whatever…it is what it is

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