Terrell Owens He Has $0 Monthly Income, Pays $500K Yearly to 4 Baby Mamas


It is hard to feel sorry for T.O.

Having one kid with a woman you have no plans on being with is a mistake, having four is a trend. Secondly, Owens just in NFL salaries has collected well over $50 million dollars.

That isn’t counting endorsements, appearances and television roles.

There is no way he should be broke, but according to these child support documents he isn’t doing very well financially. TMZ breaks it down.

Terrell Owens’ financial situation is so dire, he filed papers in three separate child support cases to have his payments lowered … because he makes ZERO DOLLARS … this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Baby Mama #1, Monique Reynolds

T.O. and Monique have an 11-year-old son together. According to the papers, he paid $20,000/month in support until last year, when it was reduced to $11,202. He also gave her $100,000 to buy a house.

Baby Mama #2, Kimberly Floyd

They share a 7-year-old daughter, for whom TO was ordered to pay $20,000/month for back in 2005. In 2008, they agreed to drop that to $15,000.

Baby Mama #3, Samelia Miller

Miller gave birth to a son back in 2006. He was ordered to pay $13,400/month in support.

Baby Mama #4, Melanie Paige Smith

T.O. was ordered to pay $5,000/month for their daughter back in 2007. This is the only case where T.O. has not yet requested a reduction … though his rep says he plans to ask for a modification.

In each of the cases where T.O. is requesting a reduction in child support payments, he says in his declaration, “My currently monthly income is zero ($0).”

In the papers, T.O. also claims to pay $62,366/month for various properties and says his home in Georgia is in foreclosure. He says he put all but two of his homes up for sale.

Before I get back to T.O., I must say something has to be done about the Child Support laws in our country.  Having a child by an athlete or entertainer shouldn’t be seen as an instant paycheck.  The $5000 a month that Melanie Paige Smith was receiving at the height of Owens’ prime isn’t that unreasonable.

But the $20k Monique Reynolds was getting with the $100k house is ridiculously.   You don’t need almost a quarter of a million dollars to raise a kid especially when Ms. Reynolds has never caught a pass in her life.

Are we talking Child Support or Baby Mama support?  Because it is two different things.

The rules should be that to receive child support the mother is actively seeking employment not “living” off the child support.  Monthly they should have to submit an expense report on the things they have purchased to take care of their child.  Every six months the amount should be reviewed and audits should be done on the mother’s spending.

Trust me a lot of women are using child support money for trips to Vegas and gifts on their new man.  Our government needs to clean that up.

Back to Owens.


He has made some awful financial decisions and it is now catching up to him.  I doubt that he isn’t making any money, I still see him on TV, but I am pretty confident he doesn’t have the ability to pay over half million in child support over twelve months when he can’t stop any of his own houses from going into foreclosures.

I hope young athletes (Dez Bryant yeah I am talking to you) see what happened to Owens and use it as a learning tool, you can’t ball forever start planning for retirement right now.

Oh one last thing, almost remember……………..



  1. The laws are not fair. But, they are also no secret. When you know the rules to the game and you try to beat the odds, you deserve what you get. Everyone with money and fame knows that their are people out to take what they have. Why put yourself in a position to get taken. Once is a mistake. Three and four times is a lifestyle and choice. He’s paying for his lifestyle and the bad choices that he’s made. Karma’s a bitch! He spent his career acting like an ass. Now no one wants him and the rent is due. No tears shed here.

  2. i’m so tired of trifling ass men trying to defend how much to pay in child support. So, a child with a millionaire part-time father, shouldn’t live in some type of luxery? Everyone knows how a baby is made and if one doesn’t want to pay child support or think that it is too high, then maybe he should have kept it in his pants until he was married. If the situation is a divorce, then you know what the old saying is, Ït’s cheaper to keep her!” I don’t feel anybody’s pain that owes child support, it is an obligation. And to the person that suggested that the money should be placed in an account, you sound dumb, how is the child suppose to live in the meantime. I hear people keep knocking Kelis, bu no one knocked Tiger Woods wife, or Vannessa Bryant. That’s right, it’s only the WW that deserve child support and alimony…Some of my people are stuck in an ignorant ass mindset, no wonder the African-american is a joke!

    • The problem IS the dollar amount, not whether or not its an obligation, we already know that, but when you’re talking about who’s bring what to the table then I have a real problem when the courts are giving STUPID amounts of cash based on what that person makes along with the fact that its a women thats usually on the receiving end as opposed to what the “average” cost is to raise a child in 2012 based on the “MODEST” cost of living for that particular city, state or country, not “luxuries” and not because that person is worth 300 million dollars. I really wish some of these guys would use some of those same ridiculous child support payments to try and get full custody of their kids, especially if they know that the baby’s mom does not have the finances to get a high dollar attorney, and also a man has every right to defend how much he pays in child support especially when he sees all of the “luxuries” that the MOTHER, not the child, is enjoying simply because she opened her legs, it makes my blood boil….alimony and spousal support are the DEVIL….lol and thats part of the reason why we sometimes hear about the wife or girlfriend getting their heads shot off. the system is so slanted when it comes to child support, alimony, spousal support and how the woman is viewed as the weaker sex and that same system needs a total overhaul concerning the dollar amounts that these men are having to pay, as far as Tiger woods and Kobe Bryant are concerned they should have both fought for full custody, so they got what they deserve for turning over and not fighting for their kids. There is no way on earth that i would just lay down and give up “half” of what I worked so hard for to someone who did not help me earn a penny of it, especially if i knew that I had millions to go to court with, hell yea I’d rather give it to the attorneys knowing I could have full custody of my babies. These kinds of stories just help to reinforce the disdain that so many black men have towards WOMEN and it just puts them in a frame of mind that women are a necessary evil for getting a sexual release but no commitment to marry them because there are so many just like her who are so quick to give themselves away so that love truly is a 4 letter word.

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