Terrell Suggs “Ball So Hard” University Student ID Found

When T-Sizzle said he went to “Ball So Hard” University most people thought it was a joke, but alas our crack twitter detective team has found Suggs actual Ball So Hard University student ID.

I assume Ball So Hard University is like the school Harry Potter went to. You take a secret train there in off season. Kanye is there with his leather kilt, Warren Buffet & Tupac is hiding out there I would assume.

Wonder what the academic requirements are?

3 thoughts on “Terrell Suggs “Ball So Hard” University Student ID Found

  • Those are the official shirts? Why is Sizzle selling them on ebay? I did a search and found a whole bunch of them at 247swag.com. Even stuff for kids. Thanks sizzle!

    Beast mode!

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