The NBA Players Union have Rejected the Owners “Ultimatum” Deal


Mob Boss David Stern and the owners tried to bait the players into signing a bad deal.

The players are calling their bluff and have rejected that deal.  What that means now is the lockout will still be ongoing and a bunch of legal stuff is about to take place.  The Union will disband and they will be going the same route the NFLPA went.

I don’t have any problem with the players rejecting a bad deal.  You can’t be bullied into taking a deal that will effect your earning potential for the next decade just because the NBA is turning public opinion against you.

Have to stand strong and get the best deal possible.

The problem with the NBAPA is they trusted David Stern and the owners when in reality they should have used the blueprint of the NFLPA from the beginning.

Now unfortunately it looks like that inaction may cost everyone a NBA season.


  1. Well, there goes the 2011-12 season and with it a lot of irritated fans.

    How are the players gonna get the best deal possible? By de-certifying, do they truly believe the courts will force the owners to give the players a fair deal as individual employees? If so, then when? 2012 or 2013?

    I sure hope Billy Hunter and the NBAPA haven’t miscalculated this one.

  2. The time to decertify was July 1st. Now they are gonna miss a bunch of paychecks on a lawsuit that should have already been months in the process and may have spearheaded a resolution by now if it was filed earlier.

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